Prerequisite for auditions is all candidates MUST take Advanced Combo Class during our summer session (or Intermediate Combo Class if auditioning for Mini Company). 


School of Dance

2023 Competition Results

Breakout Dance Competition:

Allison - High Gold and "Fierce Focus" Judge's Choice Award

Arianna - High Gold and 5th Overall

Shelby - High Gold 

Allison and Shelby - High Gold 

Annabelle and Ryleigh - High Gold and 3rd Overall

Lyla - Platinum and Outstanding Emotional Execution Award 

Grace - High Gold and 2nd Overall 

Gemma - High Gold

Grace and Lyla - Platinum, 1st Overall, and Squad Goals Judge's Choice Award 

Comp A Jazz - High Gold and Outstanding Showmanship Award

Comp B Jazz - High Gold, 5th Overall and "Dancing in my Seat" Judge's Choice Award

Mini Jazz - High Gold 

Company Hip Hop - High Gold and 10th Overall 

Comp A Lyrical - High Gold, "Trust & Teamwork" Judge's Choice Award and 10th Overall 

Comp B Lyrical - High Gold, 5th Overall and Outstanding Emotional Execution Award

Company Tap - High Gold 

Legacy Dance Championships:

Allison - Elite Gold 

Arianna - Elite Gold 

Gemma - Elite Gold

Grace - Platinum and 3rd Overall

Lyla - Platinum and 2nd Overall 

Shelby - Elite Gold and 5th  Overall

Allison & Shelby - Elite Gold 

Grace & Lyla - Platinum and 2nd Overall

Annabelle & Ryleigh - Elite Gold and 3rd Overall

Company Tap - Elite Gold and 1st  Overall

Comp A  Lyrical - Elite Gold, 2nd  Overall and "Ignited Passion" Judge's Choice Award

Comp B Lyrical - Elite Gold and "Heart & Soul" Judge's Choice Award

Company Hip Hop - Elite Gold

Comp A Jazz - Platinum and 1st Overall

Comp B Jazz - Elite Gold

Mini Jazz - Elite Gold and 5th Overall

Beyond the Stars Competition:

Allison - Platinum, 4th Overall and Showmanship Standout Award

Grace - High Gold

Lyla - Platinum and "Potential Plus" Judge's Choice Award 

Shelby - High Gold and Showmanship Standout Award

Arianna - High Gold and "Fantastic Focus" Judge's Choice Award

Gemma - High Gold

Allison & Shelby - Platinum and 5th Overall

Grace & Lyla - Platinum and 8th Overall

Comp A  Lyrical - Platinum and Ultimate Showmanship Award

Comp A  Jazz - High Gold

Dance Force Xpress:

Allison - High Gold

Allison & Shelby - High Gold

Arianna - High Gold

Gemma - High Gold and "Floorwork is Kind of my Thing" Judge's Choice Award

Grace - High Gold

Shelby - High Gold

Lyla - High Gold

Grace & Lyla - High Gold

Annabelle & Ryleigh - High Gold 

Comp Jazz A - High Gold

Comp B Jazz - High Gold

Comp A Lyrical - High Gold

Comp B Lyrical - High Gold and "Purely Positive" Judge's Choice Award

Company Hip Hop - High Gold

Company Tap - High Gold 

Studio always received "Unstoppable Studio" Award for our politeness and backstage etiquette